by The Merry Rounders

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Recorded Summer 2013 on a Yamaha MT-400 4-track cassette recorder by Ryan Bartholemy and The Merry Rounders.


released October 13, 2013

Corey Kaiser - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Alejandro Pareja - Electric Guitar and Background Vocals
Jason Kaiser - Drums, Percussion, and Background Vocals
Carson Cody - Pump Organ, Rhodes, and Farfisa
Ryan Bartholemy - Bass and Background Vocals
Elizabeth Messick Fernandez - Vocals on "My Will" and "Release Me"
Keila Morris - Vocals on "My Will" and "Release Me"
Katie Chappel - Vocals on "How I Knew"
Alyssandra Nighswonger - Vocals on "How I Knew"
Meagan Isbell - Vocals on "Man of My Dreams"



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The Merry Rounders California

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Track Name: How I Knew
All month long it's been grey clouds
and tensions too thick to cut through
Nothing I do's making you proud
You're probably feeling the same way too
'Cause we're never sticking together
I'm tired of drying the glue

How I knew (You don't need me no more)
A love I thought could never lie would be untrue
You don't need me no more

I didn't know what I had got myself into
No idea I could bring you such shame
These low blows got my heart a-sinkin'
You're probably going around cursing my name
Now I don't think about dying
'Cause you're killing me all the same

How I knew (You don't need me no more)
A love I thought could never lie would be untrue
Big surprise
How I knew
Tell me why
You don't need me no more
Track Name: My Will
There's no more shaking in my bones so finally I can sit still
Nothing you could say or do would make me want you back again
When I die I'll leave you all of my love in my will

*I'm leaving all of my love (all of my love) to you
all of my love to you (I'm leaving)
So baby I don't wanna hear your crying no more

I'm in a whiskey barrel fairy tale and a better place in time
But you keep stuffing me with your mashed potato lies
When I die I'll leave you all of my love in my will
Track Name: Man of My Dreams
Sometimes there's a man
Haunting my dreams
He takes my favorite girl
Does her favorite things
Here I am left to stand
As she takes off her ring
As he suckers her in
She forgets about me

(Been trying to forgive her) A long long time
(Been trying to forgive her) I've been trying
(Been trying to forgive her) A long long time
(Been trying to forgive that girl)

*Get her out of my heart
Get her out of my dreams
I need a brand new start
I need a good night's sleep
(Get a good night's sleep, get a better night's sleep, better get a better night's sleep)

Tonight when I dream
Tonight if I dream
I'm gonna walk up to him
I'm gonna tell him my name
I'm gonna do his head in
I'm gonna set that boy straight
Track Name: Release Me
Coming down ain't easy in the morning
Everybody's left, I'm on my own
Bitter thoughts and emptiness been storin'
And they've trapped me in this cage that I call home

*Release me from this prison
Where all my thoughts and dreams became so sparse
Release me from this prison
I don't wanna spend my whole life behind bars

Familiar folks tell familiar jokes each evening
Deep down I know this ain't the place for me
I'm packing rags 'cause tomorrow I'm leaving
Until then I'll be screaming set me free

This wicked world ain't changing
In my lifetime, I know
That I'll be in this cage until
The good lord takes me home

Nestled down up there beyond the stars
Track Name: Woman I Can Love
Got myself a brand new sweetheart (Tell us all about her)
She don't wear no lipstick, she don't wear no powder
Gonna take her out tonight
I'm gonna make her mine

*All I really want is a woman I can love

So go on without me boys (We'll go on without him)
Go on without me boys
Don't gotta buy her diamonds, don't gotta buy her pearls
Sophisticated women don't play like other girls